[Harp-L] Berchtold and Stear acoustic duo...

On 4/9/2012 11:35 PM, Brian Stear wrote:
Tim, thatâs way cool. I do an acoustic duo, and have a couple of songs where I play dirty. I hate dragging more stuff just for just that one tone ( already do mandolin, harp, guitar, porchboard bass, washboard ). Youâve solved my dilemma...Thanks!



Hi Brian, I just listened to the song snippets you have on reverbnation and I have to say I liked them very much. How does one buy your disc? I'd like a copy. I'd also really love to hear any bootlegs of your live shows (I just think that's always where the most magic happens).
Bill Lifford

William Lifford, CP Progressive O&P, Inc. 1111 Willis Avenue Albertson, NY 11507 516-338-8585 www.progoandp.com

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