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When I was a kid, I had a Hohner Meisterklasse once. It was one of the old handmade ones. God, I wish I still had it. the old one was thing of beauty. Anyway, a four blow reed went out. So, I sent it off to Virginia to get a reed put in it. About four months later, I got a bill. The timing wasn't the issue, it was the charge. It cost more than 50 bucks for them to replace that one reed. The craziest part was shipping was $19. Who charges $19 to ship a harmonica first class? 
Otherwise, the folks in East Virginia were pretty nice. 


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On 04/09/2012 06:05 PM, JWilliam Thompson wrote:
> I see there are some on this list who think Hohner customer service is
> not up to snuff. My experience is just the opposite. I had a Special
> 20 with a broken reed, and at the Virginia Harmonicafest last month I
> went up to the Hohner tech table and explained my problem. The Hohner
> tech put in a new reed--no charge--and was courteous and friendly to
> boot.

certainly a good result, but not exactly the normal circumstance.

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