[Harp-L] Support Scott Albert Johnson!

Scott Albert Johnson is a fine singer, songwriter, and harmonica player from Jackson, Mississippi.  His harmonica work is unique and original, often dazzling, and always evolving to new places.  His first CD, "Umbrella Man," got plenty of rave reviews, including one from me--in fact, I bought the very first copy of that CD that was ever sold. You can hear "Umbrella Man" for yourself at Scott's website:

Scott's getting ready to make his second CD, and he needs money to do it.  He's put the project up on Kickstarter, which is a cool site that's all about funding independent projects.  Here's what Scott's latest bulletin says:

<I have 11 days to go... so far I have raised $5,587, with a target of $27,990.  So I am about 20% <of the way there, with a long way to go and a short time to get there (apologies to Jerry Reed).
<If you have time to share the project link with others, either by Facebook, Twitter, or some <other way, I will be very grateful. Here's the link:

Folks, this is a musician worth hearing and supporting.  If you've got some pocket change that you'd like to contribute to Scott's project, head to Kickstarter and lend a hand.  

Regards, Richard Hunter

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