[Harp-L] re: New Out of the Box Harp

Bullfrog sez: I just purchased an out of the box Hohner "Big River"
from Rockin' Ron's.  It's a Db, a key that I use just occasionally.
It's excellant.  This is the first time, I've bought from Rockin' Ron.
 His website is easy to use and the prices are very reasonable.  I
will definitely go there again.

See what I mean. Big Rivers are far from garbage. I had an off list
email telling me I was dead wrong and should never recommend Big
Rivers to anybody.  As Bullfrog pointed out, it is a good way to fill
in on keys that aren't often used. Especially if you are in slooooooow
cash flooooooow.

It is also nice to hear more good things about Rockin' Ron.  All I
ever hear are good things about his business and service.

Warren Bee

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