Re: [Harp-L] Could I be CONVINCED to CROSSOVER???

I don't catch the Harrison reference....fill me in off list would ya?
Ditto on the Session Steel though, in fact I'd take it over the Crossover any day. Steel reeds are more durable than brass, no matter how you cut it. They're easier on the wallet than 1847's, Crossovers, and Manjis. And they have full length cover plates, which is a plus in my books.


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From: george sanders <georgegsandman@xxxxxxxxx>
To: Frank Franze <franze52@xxxxxxx> 

I like your harmonica connection the reference to Harrison may get the list stirred up if anyone pays attention..
I have 1847s but I don't believe I will be gifting any. I like the 1847 as well I like the Crossover and I like what appears to be Seydels price range answer to Crossover and Manji the Session Steel. I will take the Session Steel and the Crossover over the Manji due to the cover plate problems Manji has that people have bitched about here on the list.

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