[Harp-L] Out of the box Blues Harp

I only ever bought one Lee Oskar, which I found very satisfactory.
Unfortunately I mislaid it and left it behind in the Czech Republic. It is
time I treated myself to another one - perhaps in one of their alternative

However I have since become hooked on the products of Seydel. If one wants a
"bullet proof" Blues Harp it is hard to whack the Seydel 1847 with its
stainless steel reeds. Kind of pricey, but the cheaper Solist with the brass
reeds is not bad either.

When I proudly displayed my new acquisition an 1847 in G at the Willie
Clancy Summer School one year, the two course mentors Rick Epping and Mick
Kinsella tried it and pronounced it "satisfactory". 

In view of his long association with Hohner, I do not expect Rick Epping to
become a convert to Seydel, but he did recommend the Hohner Special 20 to us
as a good instrument to start with. I have one of those too and don't have
any complaints with it. I guess Rick's advice is as good and as well
informed as you will get.


Aongus Mac Cana

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