Re: [Harp-L] Out of the box under 50 dollars diatonic harps

All of the recommendations for out of the box are harps I have played and are fine harps. As I recall the guy who started this didn't want to spend a whole lot of money. I have plenty of expensive and inexpensive harps. For that matter I just purchased a 12 key set, never played on Ebay of Huang Star Performers for $68 + $10 shipping. I spend  2 hours a day commuting on the Highway 99 and these will become my commuter practice set. Norton Buffalo turned me on to Huangs a few years ago and while I prefer others for performances and jams at least if the Huangs get ripped from the car no great loss.

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For price and consistent out-of-of-the-box playing, I have had good success for many years with Bushman Delta Frost and Hohner Special 20's.
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