[Harp-L] Re: Out of the Box Harp

After decades of playing Hohner I stopped playing them about 10 years ago and refuse to buy them unless it's an emergency and I have no other choice. I had reeds break off twice on draw notes during performance in front of very larg audiences. I sent the broken reeds and the reed plates to Hohner Germany who admitted in writing that the alloy used was defective. They never offered to replace the reed plates or even offer an apology. Two subsequent follow up letters went unanswered. I switched to Lee Oskar and found them pretty good out of the box and somewhat superior for durabilty compared to Hohner but there wasn't alot in it.

I discoverd Seydel I about four years ago and was so impressed by the 1847 I bought a set of seven. I've steadily added the lesser used keys and continue to do so. I've done a minimum of 100 shows a year in that time as well as no end of practice. I've replaced one instrument, though I suspect it could have been easily repaired. I'm too ham fisted to attempt such a thing and didn't have thte time to mess about. Hohners I would blow out in a matter of weeks. Despite the additional cost I definately feel the 1847 is great value for money especially when one compares replacement cost over time. They are also the best OTB instrument in my experience for tone and tuning accuracy. You get what you pay for and I don't know of a better OYB harmonica.

Although I don't have experience of the Seydel Session Standard range, which is more within the price you're looking for, my experience and everything I've ever heard about the support that Seydel gives to the harmomica communtity as a company would indicate they should be a fine instrument. If I were you I'd certainly check them out.

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