[Harp-L] Lee Oskars

I agree that Lee Oskars do last longer and IMO have a bigger sound but that comes with the "price" of harder to bend draw 2 & 3 especially in lower keys like A & G.  If you get good at bending on LOs you'll be even better on special 20s, Manjis and others.  When I started playing I was forcing it and hammering reeds and would blow out a reed on most Hohners in weeks where as LOs would last months.

I 2nd George's comments about Manjis and the reed plate lip...the Suzuki Olive solves this drawback nicely.


Drew MacFadyen

I want some input on Lee Oskar harps, likes or dislikes. I have keys A & G. They are hard to draw on holes 2 &3. That is most likely me, as a beginner. I have been told these harps are tuned for country not blues, is that true.

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