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Thanks Richard. It's actually not the AC voltage that's the problem, plenty of power supplies have an AC supply or two as well as all the DC supplies for standard pedals. But none of them can handle the huge 1300mA current draw

I totally agree that the Digi replaces a whole range of pedals, especially with your patches which I've got. But I also use a Holmes Harp Commander and a wireless transmitter, hence why I would like to tidy everything up

Oh well, the search continues....


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> Timothy Kane wrote:
> <I myself went with the Digitech RP90, but before I did I was seriously considering putting together <a board of stompboxes, Danelectros mainly. I found this on musiciansfriend, and I was geared to buy <it. Looks like it'd be just the ticket for you. Powers 8 devices, and it has a monitor speaker for <you as well. 
> <
> <
> This device will not solve the problem. The board itself can be powered via AC or DC (batteries), but it can only be used to power DC pedals, not AC pedals like the Digitechs.  
> The Digitech's 9V AC power supply is a bit of a hassle where pedal boards are concerned, it seems.  On the other hand, I don't need to take a pedal board to gigs anymore--I just take the Digitech--so it's less of a problem than it seems at first glance.
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