Re: [Harp-L] Lee Oskar

Lee Oskars are very good harps. I know lots of guys who love them. 
I'm not one of them. In fact I gave all my Lee Oskars to my mentor, including melody maker and some minors. 
I bought a few brands, and love them. 
If you have the $$$, take a few of the suggestions that I sure will follow. 
If not, just take it slow and enjoy the journey. 
I'm now in my 2nd year. And I love it. 

Abner GaldÃs

On Apr 5, 2012, at 7:22 PM, Tony Stephens <tnysteph@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I want some input on Lee Oskar harps, likes or dislikes. I have keys A & G. They are hard to draw on holes 2 &3. That is most likely me, as a beginner. I have been told these harps are tuned for country not blues, is that true.
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