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 Hi Hal:

I have since moved to using Apple Logic (Garageband's big Brother) on the Mac, but for years I have used Sony's "Acid Pro" for working with loops, backing tracks and creating original soundtracks.  It ships with quite a nice compliment of loops out of the box so you can easily make jam or backing tracks for yourself quickly.

If you want to create more original compositions, it supports any VST instrument (and effects) plug ins so you can create midi tracks from scratch playing in your own parts.  Another great feature is that you can easily record live tracks directly into the program and edit along with either your loops and or midi data, process with great plug ins and even automate your mixdown.

There are many libraries out there of source loops you can add, and any loops you create yourself can be "Acidized" to work in the program.  Acid loops can pitch and time stretch quickly and easily like Logic or Garage Band so you can experiment with different keys and tempos.  

I've been thinking of making some blues backing tracks myself in all keys using this approach for practicing.
I think this program often gets over looked by musicians who want a good music recording and editing setup.

It has a cheaper entry level version (Acid Music Studio) This version is like what Garage Band is to Apple Logic.  Not sure if the recording capabilities are as good as the Pro Version.


For USB mic's you can get an overview of features and prices here:


A friend of mine just bought the Blue Micrphone Snowball and likes it a lot
( bit Cheaper than the Blue Yetis):

There are some cheaper ones too, that would probably work pretty well.
Hope this helps

Burke T.  

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I'm looking for a program like Garageband(for MAC) but for PC for recording harp 
with jam tracks. Also, what is a useful mic for this application.

A friend of mine has a Blue Yetis mic from Guitar Center($140) into his MAC.





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