[Harp-L] Re: has anyone heard this done before?

Great clips from both of you! Harp rack and guitar is, indeed a rare combination. Probably the best known virtuoso of this genre is Paul Oscher, who was the first whiite musician to join the Muddy Waters band. Since those early days he has developed a unique style of combining guitar, harmonica and vocals.


Jukka wrote:
Hi Walter,
I wondered pretty much the same, and I use rack harp as a second voice,
unison or harmony sometimes criss crossing my guitar lines.
Here's a clip from our gig. In the first so there is only a little of
that,but in the second, after my buddy's solo I utilize it more.


Thanks for sending me links to your clips. Your timing and tone are an
Jukka Makinen,
Tampere, FINLAND

2012/4/5 walter gloshinski<waltertore@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>  I started playing lead guitar notes and single harp notes together back in
>  the late 70's. I had heard george benson do it with his guitar and voice in
>  a concert and later albert collins do it with his guitar and voice. I said
>  - heck I have been doing that for years with the harp and guitar and never
>  have heard anyone else do that. Playing both the guitar and harp at the
>  same time lets some stuff spew out that could never happen with one guy on
>  the harp and another on the guitar. There are tons of simple things out
>  there like this to still be discovered. Most people write off the simple
>  stuff as already done.
>  I have done this thousands of times at gigs an often have wondered why no
>  one has picked up on it or asked me about it. People on the dance floor
>  have boogied crazy to it and people in their seats has screamed to it, but
>  not a soul has yet to ask me about it. That makes me think it is all mine.
>  I did it at the harmonicollege get together when I was playing my guitar
>  with the harp on the rack and no one said anything about it. I think like
>  the spontobeat concept, it goes right by most people? I would love to hear
>  of someone doing it before me and better yet, hear it on a recording. Most
>  rack players strum or finger pick rhytms and don't do the dual lead thing.
>  I was a big fan of rock music as a kid. Bands often did the dualing guitars
>  and every now and then onstage the 2 guitarists would hit some cool stuff
>  that I bet triggered my heart to do this with the harp/guitar. ther outlaws
>  did it alot and I remember it staying with me after their gigs. Being the
>    one doing both at once makes for such a connection I doubt it could never
>  be duplicated by 2 people.
>  I actually feel like the guitar, harp, keys, and drums, are all different
>  people but all of them are me. I guess that doesn't make sense but it feels
>  like that and that makes doing it all at once actually very easy because
>  every one of me knows where the other of me's are going. the feet are one
>  me, the hands another, the harp another, the keys another, and the voice
>  another. If I start to think about things as I am playing it usually looses
>  its magic and falls apart. I have been doing it long enough to fake through
>  a performance but I don't have to do that anymore because I don't depend on
>  music $ to support me. If it doesn't feel right nowadays I just stop
>  playing say goodnight and go home. Here is a song  I recorded today and a
>  video from a ways back with what I am talking about.Walter
>  Spontobeat- all words and music spontaneously created and recorded
>  recorded today with an eb marine band customized by burke t of open door
>  harps
>  http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11552284
>  video
>  http://youtu.be/ld7hRqCmMBc

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