Re: [Harp-L] Power Supply

 Mike wrote: "I'm trying to sort out my jumble of boxes, cables and wall warts and maybe put them on a pedal board with a single power supply.  But one of them is a Digitech RP355 which operates on 9V AC and 1300mA current.  Does anyone know of a power supply with this kind of grunt?"

I myself went with the Digitech RP90, but before I did I was seriously considering putting together a board of stompboxes, Danelectros mainly. I found this on musiciansfriend, and I was geared to buy it. Looks like it'd be just the ticket for you. Powers 8 devices, and it has a monitor speaker for you as well.

One hiccup you might have is the width of the RP355. It'd take up an AWFUL lot of room on the board, but if you just put your boxes on it, and then setup your 355 to the side or in front of the board and power it there. I dunno. But IMHO, the monitor speaker makes it a gem.

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