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Ironic that you caught this on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, a PBS kids show...and Wm. Kratt's grandsons Chris and Martin Kratt also had shows on PBS. I remember watching Kratt's Creatures and Zoboomafoo when I was a kid.


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Hi Rob

Do they still make their own reeds for the pitch pipes?

How did you learn about this company and its harmonica making history? Were
you strolling through Mr. Roger's neighborhood?

Music Cal

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> This was a Harp Company right in my "Neighborhood" in Union, NJ looks like
> Mr. Rogers bopped over one day!
> The company is still there but they make pitch pipes week i
> will stop in an see if there are any left over harps in there basement!
> Mr. Kratt was born in Trossingen and moved to the USA
> here is a link to his story......
> PS...Interesting industrial area I live in...down the street from me is
> where the 2012 & 2016 Teflon combs were mold cast and produced!
> Best,
> Rob Paparozzi

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