[Harp-L] Rob Paparozzi coming to San Diego this week with Drummer Bernard Purdie

Apologies in advance for the bandwidth my Harp-l friends.....

but just a quick reminder to my friends in Southern California and San Diego, I'll be heading out tomorrow for as harmonica calls it HARMONICA week,-) or Springfest! Thanx and Happy Easter, Passover and Spring and look forward to meeting some of you!....Rob Paparozzi

(PS...Robert Bonfiglio is doing GREAT since his surgery and we plan to be back soon with our clinics this summer in NY State and The Grand Canyon so stay tuned for details and contact Robert at <bon@xxxxxxxxxx> if you'd like to sign up, here are our dates: July 23rd - Copake NY August 27th - Grand Canyon)

Here's my ITIN for this week in San Diego:

Thurs, April 5th, 2012 (6-9pm)
@ Rock and Roll San Diego
Rob Paparozzi - Harmonica & Vocals
Bernard Purdie -Drums
The Bayou Brothers Band

details at the link below:

Friday Nite April 6th:
Rob Paparozzi Bernard Purdie with
The Bayou Brothers Band at:


The Marble Room
535 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 619-702-5595
followed by.............

an outdoor daytime concert
at the annual SPRING HARPFEST @ Harry Griffen Park
Saturday (noon-6pm) April 7th:

all the best,
Rob Paparozzi

my web page:

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