[Harp-L] Subject: Re: Playing for Change/New Series/Music Schools

Continuing the 'Playing For Change' music video series and  documentary:
They've been such a success they've built music schools for young  people 
in several different Countries - so this is a case of these people  
fulfilling the promise to bring music and instruments to kids in under  served 
Countries - music as the universal language:
After the first series of videos - a DVD/CD compilation was issued. Many of 
 the musicians then went on tour together throughout the US and Canada so 
there  are other YouTubes of those performances as well.
This second series of 'official' Playing for Change videos was uploaded in  
This first is Gimme Shelter - with a little harp to keep it relevant (Taj  


Likewise: John Lennon's Imagine (Grandpa Elliott on harp)

and for those who might not know about the project and how and where it all 
 began, here's the very first from a few years ago:
Stand By Me
Sadness warning: Roger Ridley the opening singer on this and a couple of  
other PFC videos, died in 2005. He was the original inspiration for the  
project and his wonderful vocals can be heard on several separate youtubes  as 
well as on the self-produced CD I believe his family still might  make 


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