Re: [Harp-L] positions you can use on diatonic

I simply use harmonica "positions" as a starting point, a sort of "road  
map" for keys to use, when playing my harmonica, diatonic or  chromatic. When 
I started on the harmonica, I played a 12 hole 270  Super Chromonica in the 
key of "G" and  for about 5 years that was my  ONLY harmonica, so I learnt 
my way around in music from a base of  the key of "G"... Then I discovered 
blues harp and began playing mostly "cross  harp" on diatonic harmonica. For 
years and years I mainly played using the  circle of fifths in only "2nd 
position"... I then discovered that there  were many additional options, 3rd and 
4th position, for example... The first  harmonica player I myself knew who 
used a diatonic instrument to play in many  keys was "Ironman" Mike Curtis, 
who I discovered through Harp-L back in the mid  1990s...
I don't care what "mode" I am playing in. All I care about is that my  
music sounds good... So I think in harmonica positions... It just helps me find  
a starting point in a particular song, to decide what mouth organ to use.
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now, in Scotland.
_http://johnwalden.freevar.com_ ( 

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