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Diatonic: Draw in on the 6, bend it down 1 step, let it back up to 7 natural, bend it back 1 step, then draw the 5 natural. Then draw the 6 with the 11 step bend already IN there, and let it up. gots it. 

For chromatic: Draw on the 7, ```depress the slide slowly into a blow 7, draw the 7, ``depress the slide into a blow 7, slide to a blow 6 with slide in, slide back into a 7 blow with slide in, then let the slide out for a draw 7.  There..wasn't that easy. (you're playing with the partial slides to get the slurred dischords. 

smo-joe   (the 'they' that say)

On Apr 2, 2012, at 11:04 PM, David Payne wrote:

> Right, you can do it with an overblow. That was the first thing I played when I figured out the overblow. I was working on this thing where I would get a dischord of some kind by overblowing one note in  a chord. I could do it on the B-rad. I haven't tried that in a couple of years.  I'll have to try to do that tomorrow and see what happens. 
> David
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> You CAN do that quip on a diatonic...BUT it won't have the 'between the notes' double note bleed over into a dischord and back into another note that the original sound track has. 
> With a diatonic, you would use a slur-bend.  Close, but not quite. 

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