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I'd second that. Unless you are going to play in 1st position (E harp in key of E) the uses are pretty limited. If you play with someone who likes playing/singing in B (I do it a bit myself) OK.
Apart from that, 3rd position is F#, 4th, C# 5th, Ab, 6th, Eb. I'd go for an F, to play 2nd in C, and D to play in both D and A. A lot of trad country is in C G, D, A, and E. With your A, G and C, the F and D should cover most of the common keys. After that, I'd go to a Bb, for 2nd in F. 

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I'm not that familiar with what keys country numbers are in, (I would guess F, D, C, A, G, Bb) but are you talking about using an E harp to play in the key of B (cross harp)? (if so, it's surprising it's that common)

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I'd go for E, D, or B-flat. I've used an E harp on a lot of different country numbers. D and B-flat are good keys for blues songs in A or F.

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If you could buy 3 harps what 3 keys would you want to have. Prices are going up at Bushman. I have a C by them. I have a A & G by Lee Oskar and a C special 20. So my question is which 2 keys by Bushman for playing country and blues?

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