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Here is an email exchange I recently had with a band leader who asked me to come play him and his band.  It's long but I just wanted to know the groups thoughts about this exchange. Here is some background on the email: this band played at a very loud level. This level always increased during set to the point that everything including vocal was muddy and distorted.
Let me know If I out of line at all.
I actually found his respond ridiculously entertaining. 
Nick "Chowda"
Nick..  I hope all is well with you, I am in search of a good harp player for the new reformed XXXXXXX, and it now consists of some great players.    I really liked playing with you and what you brought to the stage when you jammed with us.. and I know you must be even better now.    If you are interested in playing with us again please let me know...  
Thanks, Tom
Hey Tom,
 Thanks for the email.  I have been really busy with school and work. That being said I am looking to play more harp. I really like the song choice of the XXXXXXX has and the style youâre playing.  I think my harp sounds good with it. 
I have a few suggests if you're interested.  I don't mean this in any disrespectful way what so ever, but I found it hard to play with the XXXXXX because of the overall volume level.  I felt like I got lost in the mix with my medium sized amp (12" speaker, 25 watt amp).  Even when I brought out my Bassman I felt able to compete but then I felt like I was perpetuating the issue and forcing others to turn up. The last time I played with the XXXXXX I left feeling a little discouraged and like it wasn't my place to ask everyone to turn down. 
Again, I mean this with total respect.  I think you're a great guitarist and the other guys in the band were really cool as well.  
Great to hear from you Nick....     and oh yes, the volume issue...   There are some people that really have a hard time dealing with it and I, and that is fine for them, but not me.   At the smaller venues I do try to keep a lid on it as best I can but I have to tell you I will not play at lounge levels, never happen.    When I play I want to play for real... I take my playing seriously just like all my hero's I grew up listing to...  I want the  XXXXXXX to be the real deal, and to get tone... great tone I need to be at a level that will allow me to get there pure and simple, no bink tone or fake sounding distortion pedals at low levels...  can't and won't do it.     
 I am not going to turn down any lower than I already play, nor is the band as a whole.   If you think you can handle that and want to give it a go then let me know and you should come to our next rehearsal.   If not.. I fully understand.
Either way...  good to hear from you, always liked you and your playing and thought you had great potential.

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