[Harp-L] A plug for Open Door Harps aka Burke T

I have been working with Burke T of open door harps to get my harps responding to my way of playing.  This has involved lots of emails back and forth and a long phone call.  I never have owned a custom harp before and also never have paid much attention to the mechanics of what the harp was doing.  I spontaneously create all my words and music as I go along and that is where my energy goes. I know nothing of theory, don't know if I play a scale, what sound comes out of what hole, what key I am in with the guitar, and keep my own time and chord changes. These instruments are simply a vehicle to get me to the place where endless songs await for me to sing. 
My playing style doesn't connect with much out there and living in my own universe has been such a gift but it told me it was time to reach out and get my harps playing like I hear them inside me. 
The first batch Burke sent me were really nice but this second batch that came in today are killer. He has nailed my playing style.  David Payne and I spent an afternoon sitting with the first batch and being in the flesh with him made it easier for me to communicate about this stuff.  Between that and Burke corresponding with David, Burke has hit the mother load with these two that came in the mail today - a restored 14 hole marine band in C and marine band in Eb.
For the first time in my life, 40+ years of playing harp, I was able to get the exact sounds inside me out of a harp. I have grown use to the reeds sticking, not responding very strong, and above the middle of the harp, a crap shoot. 
Here is a load of songs from tonight with my 1 man band set up and just the harp, and vocals.  I reccomend Burke T to anyone looking for a custom harp.  He has set me free!  Walter
sit next to me
lonesome and don't know where to go
I use to dream about playing this song
just keep playing it
time with time
walk freely and dream
gonna rock her like a cold wind
I cry everynight around this time
finding the sound inside of me
shaking that finger boogie
deep and easy groovin

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