[Harp-L] Harp keys

I could function without a few keys like I seldom use f# or d flat. 

My most used are probably in this order
A,d,c,f,g,b flat, b, e flat, e.   Db and f# come up so rarely I have em for what if harps. 

I play with horn players and a lot of minor tunes. Cm and C#m are very common keys for one group I play with. I'd wager. I play little first but lots of third.

If you rarely play with horns the sharps and flats are less common. So could wait. When I first started I only had a couple keys and it was limiting and frustrating. Never having the key I needed and not knowing enough to play in multiple positions. 

 A c chromatic can cover so much ground even with my meager skills for minor tunes it is essential for me. 

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