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When got to sit in I take a G A Bb C and D and with a few positions I can cover 90% of what I encounter. I sometimes bring an Ab. Why and Ab?
When I was living in LA I used to sit in with Rod Piazza fairly often. I asked Rod to play "Tribute To George Smith/Telephone Blues" that he does in third position in Bb. To my surpirse Rod called me up on that tune. I didn't have an Ab and did my best with a Bb in first. Rod hands me his Ab harp and I finish out the solo. I walked off stage with the harp. On the break Rod walks toward me and sticks out his hand. I go to shake it and he says "Uh uh. I want that harp back." So I always brought my Ab with me form then on. 

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> If you could buy 3 harps what 3 keys would you want to have. Prices are going up at Bushman. I have a C by them. I have a A & G by Lee Oskar and a C special 20. So my question is which 2 keys by Bushman for playing country and blues?
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