[Harp-L] Victor's Mouth Organ, info wanted

Does anybody know anything about this item? A friend of mine inherited a Victor's Mouth Organ, a harmonica with black covers, 24 double holes, with 3 yellow stickers on it saying "special foreign made", "VICTOR'S mouth organ" and "Imported by Victor Music". Judging by my friend's description of the sound it appears to be a tremolo harmonica. The box which is black also has those 3 yellow stickers plus a piece of paper inside mentioning a cassette tape. The note is in Swedish, a rough translation would go like this "Well developed and logical acoustic course. You don't have to read music or big books. Just listen to the cassette and learn as your ability grows. Discover the musician inside you." The term mouth organ leads me to believe this product could originally be British. From the 70s or 80s, I suppose, if there were cassette lessons available.

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