Re: [Harp-L] Wireless Mic

I've only used a wireless twice in the time I've been playing. I used a Shure SM58 wireless vocal for a short while to solo clean on a signtaure song of mine and to bop around in the crowd while I was doing it. It worked well, but it belongs to my bandleader, and he wasn't wild about buying batteries for it.
The other was a ring lavalier that I experimented with for a while. It was an Azden brand unit, and I wore the belt pack on an arm band instead with the cable strapped to the length of my arm so I didn't have to worry about yanking it out and I was free with movement. It didn't work too well for the stuff I was doing at the time, so I quit using that as well. But I'm still looking into a Samson unit of some kind for my bullets.


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