Re: [Harp-L] spah website

Hi Cal, everyone,

1.) The HH archives aren't online yet (they weren't on the old site either). I'm working on getting old issues up, and should have some this week.

2.) You don't need to log in for anything. In fact, the log in feature is currently disabled while the membership system is updated. Unfortunately, the company that hosts our site won't get rid of the little login window, which is kind of ridiculous.

3.) I don't know WHAT is going on with the email, but we'll get it fixed. If you need anything else, hit me up at hheditor AT mac COM.


  -Jp Pagán, Editor & Publisher, Harmonica Happenings

--- In harp-l-archives@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Music Cal <macaroni9999@...> wrote:
> I am a SPAH member who would like to browse Harmonica Happenings online at
> the site. Apparently I need a username and password to login and
> gain access to Harmonica Happenings. So how do I get a username and
> password? There is no method for doing so on the SPAH website that I can
> find. The Contacts page gives the following email address info@... as
> the main point of contact. So I sent an email to the address (asking about
> a username and password) and it got bounced back to me 48 hours later
> because it is as yet undeliverable. So here I am at the harp-l mailing
> list. What gives?
> Music Cal

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