[Harp-L] Re: The Pain Killers - Antone's

I don't actually run the jam at Antone's or control what goes on. That's handled by one of the guys from the Blues Society.

To answer your question regarding the list getting "full", it's more about having to wait before you can get on. The Austin Blues Society jam has become quite popular. They stick to the 3 songs and off form and the jam ends at 12:00.

What they do is basically put bands together. So they'll call the first guitar player on the list, the first bass player, etc. Sometimes you'll have bands show up as a group and they get called up as a group but again from where they are on the list. If they're isn't a drummer or whatever for a particular line up a member of the host band handles it.

The normal form of three songs and off is used though sometimes vocalists will stay on with a different line up or get called back because there aren't enough singers. Sometimes harp players get called up extra just because the guy might be good and the new line up would like it. They never have more than two guitar players at any one time and since there is usually more guitar players than anything else it has happened that they run out of time and somebody doesn't get to play. However, they'll usually warn you of that if the list is getting full.

The Cactus Cafe, one of the best acoustic music venues in the world, used to have an open mic with a really unusual system. They would open the "pre" list at 5:00. Then you had to come back at 7:00 to choose a time slot. The choice was given in order from the "pre" list. A lot of people don't like to go on first. So if you were first on the "Pre" list but wanted to start say in the 3rd slot, that was yours. They would then go down the list with the next person having the choice of whatever was left.

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