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>  Some hosts can't say no to anyone and want to be a good guy, so sometimes
> you end up with ridiculous number of people on stage.

Yep. When it gets to be a crowded zoo, I go up when called, check it out
for once thru the 12 bars. If they are game, I gesture to the next soloist
every 4 bars. If that works, the next go-round is every 2 measures. Gets
really fun, and everyone is alert.

Sometimes players will tenaciously claim their expected 12 bars with eyes
closed. Oh, well. I'm kinda getting known for calling the shorter solos
now, and most players enjoy the idea, and certainly the audiences like it!
(Becomes a team sport)

Another variation is pairing 2 players to trade licks, call-response style.
Then pair the next two.

It's the human dynamic of filling the gap when there's no leadership
evident. It's all done in a positive professional manner. And if there's
genuine resistance, I cheerfully back off, take my shot, and don't sweat it.

OH! Don't be afraid to step forward, with a big gesture of arms going
slowly down, to indicate everybody gets softer! Then take your tasty 12
bars, and let them go back to roaring.

All depends on the mix of people at the moment. And who is willing to show

Robert Hale

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