Re: [Harp-L] stainless steel reeds - hi, lo

On 03/30/2012 08:18 AM, martin oldsberg wrote:
Would really appreciate extended and general input on this. In my career as a harmonica wrecker (and I´m fairly ecumenical in the damage I do the the various brands) I´ve been contemplating if a change of material may be the way to go.
   But these Seydels cost quite a bit, and it would be really interesting to hear if you who have the same problem as I have seen the light coming from stainless steel..

i've picked up a few seydel session steels to try them out. i like them as harps, though i haven't had them long enough to test any longevity claims. as far as cost goes, rockin ron's has them for about $60, which is just less than twice what a regular seydel session costs ($35). if they only a little longer than twice as long, it's a win. also, you can buy session steel reedplates there for $33, about what a regular session goes for. i'm not sure the steel reedplates will fit the regular harps, but if they do that'd provide an economical upgrade path.

of course, all of this assumes that you like these harps at all.
i'm still undecided on this point.  i like the sessions, but they
don't seem as responsive as my standard suzuki blues masters.
i need to spend a little time gapping and embossing them to
see if i can remedy that.

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