[Harp-L] Steelify your Brass Seydels from Elk River

This might be something to consider if you've wanted to try stainless-steel reeds, but not been ready to invest in an 1847. If you've got a brass-reed Seydel harp, worn out or blown out, Elk River can resurrect that instrument into a stainless-steel-reed harmonica. We use your coverplates, comb and screws to build a new instrument with stainless-steel reeds. 
You don't have to keep the same key, either, you can choose anywhere from Low C to regular F. All these steel-reed harmonicas have long-slot reed configurations, which is great for upgrading keys D and higher with short-slot brass reeds.
This not only applies to Seydel models, but a couple of others as well, such as the Weltmeister Blackbird (model with screws, not drift pins) and Bushman Soul's Voice. My main D is a steelified Weltmeister Blackbird. 

Recessed-reedplate upgrades are $37.
Those models include: Seydel Session, Weltmeister Blackbird, Bushman Soul's Voice.

Traditional models are $47.
Those models include: Seydel Solist Pro, Seydel Favorite (and Black). 




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