Re: [Harp-L] wireless

Rick Davis wrote:
Robert, I use the Line 6 Relay G30 digital wireless.
I have X2, from Line 6, which I believe has been discontinued. Highly reliable. G30 appears to be replacement model.

I have never had need for anything more than a single channel, but I am certain I would if I did not have a multi-channel device. Having the ability to move in case of interference is essential, but a no-cost part of Line 6 equipment anyhow.

These Line 6 systems are digital, so do not suffer from noise or fade-out as you go out of range. Digital systems are also more immune to many common forms of interference and noise.

The receiver is a 9V stomp-box sized unit designed to fit on a FX board.

I used to loosen or even break off the external antennas on some body packs. No such problem with the Line 6 digital equipment as there is no external antenna.

Due to unpleasant experiences in the past, I am very careful about my wireless connection - almost paranoid. I wear an extra body pack and can switch quickly if anything bad happens. Also, I keep a switched cord hooked up to the amp in case of an unspecified system failure.

Power is another issue for me. I can use the 9V supply on my board for the receiver, leaving the body packs as the only battery-powered devices in my setup. As I have many other uses for 9V batteries, I see to it that my body packs always start out with at least 8.5V. in the batteries. I am actively looking for a 9V Li-Ion rechargeable pack of adequate capacity (~1500 mAh) so I can stop buying batteries.

In short, I have nothing bad to say about this simple line 6 wireless gear.


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