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Hi WB -
    I don't consider myself a "star," but  I thought you might want to 
    I played harmonica with Ronnie Earl in  his first band - it was a blues 
band called Bright Lights, Big City - from  1975 to 1976, in the Boston, MA 
area.  Back then Ronnie was known as Ronnie  Horvath.  Ronnie was superb 
even way back then!  (Lead vocals and also  on guitar - Danny Starobin. 
Various bass players - Phil Leach, David  Starobin....  Drummer - Dyl Wiley).
    Around this time I sat in with Muddy  Waters (either at Paul's Mall or 
the other adjoining underground club in  Boston) and with Koko Taylor (in a 
large club in Rhode  Island).
    I also played harp with the Jaguars  (blues and rock 'n' roll) in the 
Boston, MA area from  about 1977-1978.  That band had Maynard Silva on guitar 
and vocals,  Bob Case on bass and vocals, and I can't remember the 
drummer's name - I think  it was Doug ....  (?)
    I taught private harmonica lessons as  early as about 1973, and 
harmonica classes at the Cambridge Center for  Adult Education beginning in 1975, 
and then harmonica classes  at  the Boston Center for Adult Education, and 
    I moved to Syracuse NY in  1978 with my girlfriend (future wife) where 
I continued to teach  harmonica and played in several bands and duos.  
During that time I  played with brilliant acoustic guitarist Frank Corso - he 
played  mostly blues and ragtime blues (Blind Blake, etc.) on steel body 
(National)  guitar.  He moved to New England and I believe still lives in the area 
 (Newburyport?).  I studied music at Syracuse University and received a  
Bachelor of Music degree in 1983.
    I moved to the Philadelphia area with  my wife and daughter in 1983 and 
still reside here (with my  larger  family), where I continue to teach 
adult education harmonica classes, private  lessons, and play in several bands.
    Other stars:  
    Pierre Beauregard was a superb harp  player with Powerhouse - George 
Leh - lead vocals, Tommy Principato - gtr.,  etc.  He played a Papa Lightfoot 
song (Mean Old Train) among other  great stuff.
    Kaz Kazanoff played great harp (and  sax) with John Nicholas and the 
Rhythm Rockers
    Richard "Rosie" Rosenblatt played  harp with Joyride Express.
    Richard Hunter and Chris Turner played  some incredible harmonica duo 
gigs that I was thrilled to witness (and I sat in  with them on one - at the 
Boston Food Co-op, I think).
    I'd be happy to provide further info  if you want it.  

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Thank for all the great responses!  I  am familiar with many of the names
that came up, I just seeded the start of  the list to get the flow of names
flowing.  It worked, so many that I  did not know about thanks again.  A few
chromatic names and mostly  diatonic's.  Any of the famous trios, Bass and
chord players from up  this way?


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