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It's rather sad that when someone has received such poor service and tries to stop it happening to other people, someone tries to turn the blame on the victim and discredit their views.  I'm glad you've had good service.  I just wish I, and the other people who say they have had similar experiences, had too.

I ordered the product before he stopped taking orders and he did tell me it would take a while as he was busy.  I was happy to wait as I appreciate that it takes time to deliver a handmade, custom quality product.  However, I chased him for an update on when it would arrive for a number of months and received no acknowledement at all.  By the time the 'prospective customer' had recieved an immediate response and I had received none, I realised he had no intention of sending it but was unable to get a refund through the money transfer system I'd used, as the maximum time limit after purchase had passed.  My request to him for a direct refund was, funnily enough, never responded to either.  As he is seemingly alive and well, perhaps he would like to organise it for me now.
It seems that Jeffrey is clearly still doing business and trading on a reputation for being, as you say, a 'fine man', yet he agreed to sell me a product which never appeared.  You clearly have your own view but, in my personal opinion, that doesn't qualify him to be put in that bracket.  The full story has become pretty clear and, sadly, it's obvious that it's not going to have a happy ending.  I just hope it doesn't happen to anyone else.

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When I grow up I want to have a business selling things to harmonica
players: they'll cheerfully pay up front and then wait for months or
to get what they ordered, And when they complain, some other harmonica
player will come along and tell them they don't understand the full

Very clever Arthur. One guy that won't even sign his name claims a fraud
from a fine man that supplies the vast majority of harmonica mic gaskets
to all of us that build or modify mics and you jump on him. I have
purchased literally hundreds of items from Jeffery. He is alive and well
and we all know is not a new site. Jeff bought
this business in 2005 and continues to do a great job. Yes he made the
decision to close his saddle shop that also made fine leather harp
cases. He has not taken new orders in about the last 3 years and the
Cumberland cases web site said so for years before he closed it down. I
do not believe the "medicine man's" claim for one minute. Jeff has some
of his last stock on eBay right now. Comparing this man to any other
purported take the cash and disappear or go out of business is just
plain wrong. 

Dave Scudamore

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