Re: [Harp-L] Astatic (Crystal Balls) problem

Thanks Wendell. This sounds plausible because the hum reminds me of ground loop 
problems I've had in the past.  Not sure how ground loops get prevented though, 
since there is no independent ground connection in the cable and amp. I guess 
I'll just try cleaning off the connection in bullet shell. Having said that, I 
don't know why it wouldn't happen when I turn everything on. I guess even with a 
passive mic, plugging it in starts current flowing that changes the crystal in 
some way. 

Thanks Buck and Dave for suggestions too.
Has anyone modified an Astatic to take a 1/4" connection or to be directly 
wired? Alternatively any customizers out there who would do it?
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Sounds like a bad ground connection between the shell and connector
- Wendell Jenkins

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