Re: [Harp-L] Looping Version of U2, Live

Noah Hoehn wrote:
<I had a great time with my solo show this past weekend and someone recorded my version of U2's "Desire".  My amp <was crapping on and off and the solo is very meh... but the looping is quite intricate so I thought some would <be interested. I switch between the A and B sections of the song like the original, add harmony vocals to the A <section w/o them playing right away, isolate the drums, isolate the bass etc.

This is a cool performance.  The harp sounds very big and good.  What's the rig?  I saw a Tweed Bassman-type amp in the back line, couldn't read the name plate.  Thought I heard an octave doubler on one of the harp lines too.

It sounded to me like the drum/percussion loop was running independently of the harp loop.  Are you using a looper with multiple independent loop lines?  Very cool to be able to start and stop individual instruments in the mix independently.

I'm sure the audience heard the harmonica in a different way when that performance was over.

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