[Harp-L] Astatic (Crystal Balls) problem

I have a Crystal Balls microphone. It's based on an Astatic - includes a volume 
knob and the old funky amphenol connector - Kevin's used to sell them. I use it 
with a Crate tube amp. When I first turn everything on, all is OK. After a while 
(say an hour) I start to have problems. There's a hum and can be a click or 
changes to the hum as I move the microphone around. I replaced the amphenol 
connector recently and if I open up the mic and jiggle the soldered connections 
they do not seem to be a problem. Jiggling the pot does not seem to make it 
worse. I don't get any problem with other microphones in the same amp (I use a 
Shure and a hand-held lavalier). I have tried different cables. I have not tried 
the mic with other amps, but will try that this evening.

Thanks in advance for any ideas that any of you might have!


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