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> Totally agree, John. Music is a complete auditory experience - for me,  
> anyway, since I could play by ear at age 4.  I often play both chromatic  and 
> keyboards with my eyes closed.
> Someone like Stevie Wonder is the easiest could it  possibly 
> be a 'visual' model for someone like him? Anyone without sight can  still be 
> a brilliant musician despite no frame of visual reference. I personally  
> loved Jerry's introductory explanation (hadn't known much about him  before) 
> and plan to pay real attention to his methods when I study  diatonic 
> Blues...felt very comfortable with his approach. My take is  that despite the strong 
> pressure from many chromatic  people who contend 'it's all about reading', I 
> now have good  commonsense backup to my own lifelong belief that the best 
> sounds of all music  is 'in the ear'. Nice to hear that there are others who 
> feel somewhat  similarly.
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This goes along with what you once told me: "People read, but they don't see". Which was in reference to people reading what you write but don't understand what you're saying. Also: "People listen but they don't hear". Which was in reference to people being technically good players but not having much to say. 


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