[Harp-L] Re: Bonfiglio and Paparozzi Seminar Review- EXCELLENT(Blunt White)

The Bonfiglio and Paparozzi workshop will be on the road again next week as part of the 39th GSHC Festival. that runs from Nov.3-5.            Robert and Rob will be holding a workshop on Transitioning from the Diatonic to Chromatic on Saturday, Nov.5 from 12:00 -1:30.  

Here's an opportunity to sample this excellent 90 minute workshop included in the Saturday day program for only $50,
that also includes other  morning seminars and open mic all starting at 9:00.  If you opt to stay on for the entire day
and evening program, you will be able to see Robert and Rob perform, along with an amazing group of performers,
including Stan Harper, Chris Bauer, The HarpBeats, The Sgro Bros and Bucky Pizarelli with Jerry Bruno on bass and Enrico Granafei 
on harmonica. There will also be a blues jam led by Ken Korb and jazz jam hosted by Chris Bauer with a great trio.

For $95 paid in advance (newharmonica.com) or $105 upon arrival,  you get all of this including a cocktail party and gala buffet dinner.  
The Festival will be held at the Ramada Hotel at 130 Route 10 West in East Hanover, NJ.  Visit: 
http://www.gardenstateharmonicaclub.org for updated performers and seminar schedules. 

Always think harmonica,

Val Redler
President, GSHC
Co-Chair with Phil Caltabellotta

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