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Here's a link to a song that I sent to Jim to show what I do when I play harp with singer/songwriters.

In this case it is a live-recording from Caroline Aiken and me during a gig in Germany 2007. 

She is one of the best singer-songwriters that I've played with... what a voice and that woman knows how to play the guitar!!

I used a Electro Voice RE10 mic + impedance transformer..into my Kinder AFB+ ..into my Marble Max harp amp. Volume on 1,5 or so..very low volume.
I had the AFB on a pretty strong setting because that makes the attack of the notes a little using a volume pedal to open the sound slower..

Of course I used one of my beta-harps!!

Ben Bouman

Op 25 okt 2011, om 23:03 heeft jim.alciere@xxxxxxxxx het volgende geschreven:

> Thanks to all for some excellent non traditional harp ideas, especially
> from Ben and Elizabeth who pushed me to go beyond my electric
> blues mentality and branch out musically.
> Thanks again.
> -- 
> Rainbow Jimmy
> "Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese."

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