[Harp-L] Re: 59 Bassman Reissue

Agreed that $1,100 is way too much...even if it is in mint

On Oct 24, 4:11 pm, "Steve Power" <stevepo...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The RI 59 Bassman is a different animal than the original but then it won't necessitiate taking out a 2nd mortgage to buy one.  The reissues offer the excellent bang for buck and there is a reason why they are such a popular choice for harp players. Many touring guys have them as a requirement in their rider where bringing their own amp is not practical.
> Like most every guitar amp that will be used for harp they benefit from tube and speaker swaps. I would start with tubes. A) because they're cheaper than speakers and B) because a speaker can only reproduce what's put into them.  As to which tubes, there are many threads both on this list and the modernbluesharmonica list regarding recommendations, same with speakers.
> At $1100 used, the price is way out of line. As has been mentioned, $700-$800 is the going rate. They come up fairly often and in mint condition at that price.
> I would totally disagree about the earlier, and cheaper, versions being better. The early versions have laminated cabinets as opposed to solid wood, solid state rectifiers as opposed to tube, and unlacquered tweed as opposed to lacquered.  Due to the lack of finish on the tweed virtually every early one you find looks filthy, not "reliced", just dirty. If budget is an issue, you can go that route and still get a pretty decent useable amp, cosmetics aside.  BTW, another advantage to the RI 59 Bassman is that being very popular with both guitar and harp players, either version will always be easy to sell should needs must or you want to upgrade.

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