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Hi all,

I posted a live recording of me performing my arrangement of Mountain's "Mississippi Queen" for drums, bass, and two harps to my website at:

This version is played and sung live with looper accompaniment, recorded live in stereo.  It's a good example of the rock-oriented material I'm working on now, and of how the Digitech RPs make the big sounds that make it work.  The looper is running drums, bass, and a harmonica part played on one of my patches for the Digitech RP350, a Matchless amp model with a Digitech FX25 envelope filter model.  I love the FX25 model on harp--it's easier to control than the "real" FX25, and it gives the harp a totally different character, like a wah wah guitar.  

The live harmonica parts include the same FX25 patch running on the RP355, side by side with an RP350 running the Dark Blue Champ patch.  I really like the way an autowah exaggerates every expressive move on the harp, and the Dark Blue Champ beefs it up.  At the end of the chain, a Whammy patch on the RP255 shifts everything a whole step down under footpedal control.  That's how I get the slide guitar effect on the chords.  I'm singing through an RP250 running one of my new vocal patches with a slapback delay.  So that's four RPs on the floor, three dedicated to harp, one to vocals.

Since there's only one live and one recorded harp part, this music could be played live with only two harp players, which is something I'd like to try sometime.

Enjoy.  Regards, Richard Hunter

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