[Harp-L] The Huntington Harmonica Club entertained on The New River Train

The Huntington Harmonica club entertained on The New River Train expedition that goes from Huntington to Hinton, WV.  For the fourth year, our local club played railroad tunes to the passenger on the train on Oct 15, 16, 11, and 23. There were 29 cars and 1400 passengers. Each day I took 2 different members of the club to play with me. We would play for over 2 hours on each leg of the trip. 

Sunday I was joined by David Payne of Elk River Harmonicas. On Saturday I saw Bob McGraw ,a.k.a. WVBob, playing his harmonica at the city square of Hinton with his jazz band, (very smooth and very good)

I have now sung "Riding That New River Train" over 100 times over those 2 weekends. It's time for a rest.

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