[Harp-L] VIDEO- Jerry Portnoy speaks -- IMO required viewing for all harmonica players

I know this may sound grandiose but I believe this video by JERRY PORTNOY should be required viewing for all 
musicians/harmonica players.

Jerry speaks eloquently of the importance of listening to music…..

Keep the love alive,

randy singer

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Jerry Portnoy <
> Subject: Re: video
> Hi Randy,
> I'm so glad that my comments on the video struck a chord (so to speak) with you. We've put the video back on the homepage. Here's the link: http://harpjunction.com/
> I'd be very pleased and appreciative if you would post the link on Harp-L with any comment you care to make. Hope all is well with you.
> Thanks Again,
> Jerry

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