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This reflects one of the two major harp corollaries for improving harp playing. Either one will work.
 (1) Each time you learn a new song or new technique, reward yourself with a new harp.
 (2) Buy a new harp in anticipation that it will help you learn to play better.

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I have been thinking about finally trying to get to an acceptable
level on chromatic.  I have an old Super 64 that I got in the early
80's.  It still works but I have been thinking about buying something
new to get inspired.  Low and behold a harp student of mine gave me a
gift today, a CBH  2016!  It was purchased new in the 70's and he said
it was played for no more than 15 minutes.  Pristine in box with
little maintenence brochure and paperwork still inside. This must be
my lucky day. My student also insisted that he still pay me for the
lesson.  I told him that this is a valuable harp.  He just said, I
know, and I want you to have it.  I am a blessed man indeed! And what
a great sounding harp!!!


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