Re: [Harp-L] Set List's...

My last gig was:
Superstition (A 2nd pos.)
Hard to Handle (A 3rd pos.)
Pride and Joy (A 2nd pos.)
Mustang Sally (guitar)
Spooky (Low D 3rd pos.)
Satisfaction (D 3rd. pos)
Magic Carpet Ride (guitar)
The Joker (slide guitar)
Mary Jane (G 1st pos.)
Brown Eyed Girl (guitar)
Simple Man (G 1st pos. or 3rd? don't remember)
What's Goin' On (guitar)
Funk #49 (D 3rd. pos.)
Brick House (G 3rd. pos.)
Shaky Ground (A 2nd pos.)
Red House (G 3rd. pos.)
Hands to Yourself (D 2nd pos.)
Oh Lonesome Me (guitar)
Tush (slide guitar)

Superstition is my favorite out of all these. With harp you can play the
synth part or the horn lines.
video of an earlier gig, my first time playing superstition out... it
doesn't look like there's anybody out in the audience in the video, but
there was actually quite a lot of people there... just not in front of the
camera at that particular time... Hard to Handle and Keep Your Hands to
Yourself are both fun for harp, too.

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