[Harp-L] Subject: Re: Interested Garden State Harmonica Festival Attendees!

Interested Garden State Festival Attendees!!

November 3 is fast approaching - and the Garden State Harmonica Festival is 
 arriving along with Halloween, Pumpkins and the NorthEast's Falling  

If you wish to join us for the Saturday night banquet (and not have to pay  
extra at the door), you should contact Danny G 
_http://www.newharmonica.com _ (http://www.newharmonica.com ) 
which at this point will require a credit card or PayPal or call Danny at:  
330-322-9625. Having the numbers in advance (only 12 days from now till the 
 Festival begins) will be a huge help in determining just how many meals 
will be  required.

Most of the performers are signed up - a couple have had to switch things  
around due to other last-minute gigs. As always (with any Harmonica 
Festival),  the schedule is understandably changeable pretty much right up to the 
final  days, but this we can guarantee you: an absolutely fabulous time. 

Those who've attended before can verify just how cool our setup is, and how 
 well Val and Phil tcob for GSHC.

Here's a link although it doesn't come close to showing the whole story of  
what goes on during a GSHFest:


If I can, perhaps this year I'll walk around with my own camera and film a  
synopsis of what it's ALL about for the website.

There are 20+ performers signed on in a wide variety of styles and genres;  
Seminars and workshops already planned, Evening Blues and Jazz jams as well 
as a  Saturday Matinee and all harmonica all of the time at this new Ramada 
which is  really interested in hosting the Festival for this and future 

Since there's more than one Ramada in East Hanover: the address is 130  
Route 10 West, East Hanover, New Jersey 07936-2122, Phone: 973-386-5622 for  
Reservations. A more detailed map is available at the GSHC website (link  

Perhaps we simply don't do enough publicity on harmonica lists about this  
event - equal to the way people promote SPAH, so it behooves those of us who 
 truly love this Fest to get the word out. It's just a short drive into NYC 
for  anyone (or spouses) not particularly interested in hanging around the 
Hotel for  all three days. Even if you can't come for the full Festival, 
individual days  are priced separately.

Don't forget the PRE-Festival blow-off at Enrico Granafei's Trumpets Jazz  
Club on Wednesday Evening at 7:30p.m. Good food, Good Jazz and great 
harmonica  playing.


If I can answer other questions for anyone interested in coming, please  
contact me or Val Redler at her _GSHCSunshine@xxxxxxxx 
(mailto:GSHCSunshine@xxxxxxx)  email,  offlist.


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