Re: [Harp-L] what is the blues?????

Here's a terrific upper-middle class lament from old blue-eyes himself:

I make a date for golf – and you can bet your life it rains.
I try to give a party - but the guy upstairs complains.
I guess I'll go through life just catching colds and missing trains;
Everything happens to me.

I never miss a thing - I've had measles and the mumps.
And every time I play my ace my partner always trumps.
I guess I'm just a fool who never looks before he jumps;
Everything happens to me.

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> a great example of the blues is on Martin Mull's live recording Martin Mull
> and the Fabulous Furniture. He talks about how everyone gets the blues and
> how he learned to play the blues when he was just a baby in Cleveland - then
> he pulls out a little plastic stringed guitar and a baby bottle used as a
> slide - starts playing an excellent blues groove and sings about how even
> upper middle class people have the blues
> "Got home today, and saw both cars were gone.
>  Well I got home today, and saw both cars were gone.
> I feel so low down deep inside,
> I threw my drink across the lawn"
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> Apparently it's not being able to use the phrase 'What ARE the  blues'.
> lolol
> smo-joe
> >>
> If you someone has to ASK "What is/ what are  the blues"? Then, they simply
> haven't understood it...  YET.
> But.....
> Hopefully, They will.
> Listen to Rice Miller, Sonny Boy Williamson,  (probably) the second... &
> Listen to Little Walter... Listen to  Howling Wolf....
> THAT is the blues... OK I enjoy "Blues Traveler"... But that  isn't "The
> Blues"...
> In my humble opinion.
> Best wishes,
> John "Whiteboy" Walden
> Just now, in the UK...
> _http://johnwalden.freevar.com_ (

Arthur Jennings

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