Hello all,

I know this is sort of an old post, but I have been a bit busy and so am just responding now.

I play through a Weber 5F2H and I think it sounds great. Mine is a bit 'famous', it was featured on Rick Davis's "Blues Harp Amps" blog because it used to be his.
The amp uses a single 6L6 power tube and one preamp tube, with one rectifier tube as well. The amp has only two controls, volume and tone (which is about all I can handle, I hate fiddling with knobs at a gig). It's definitely not loud enough to hold its own at a noisy blues jam, but mine has a line out jack that I use to reinforce my sound through the PA. Mine has a 12" speaker, but I think the usual configuration is with a 10" speaker.

I'd be glad to send anyone who wishes some mp3's of my using the 5F2H, playing over some blues jam tracks. The tone and volume were both set on 7 when I recorded these tracks, and I'm playing through a mic with a controlled magnetic element.


William Lifford, CP Progressive O&P, Inc. 1111 Willis Avenue Albertson, NY 11507 516-338-8585

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