[Harp-L] Update for Huntersounds RP patchsets

Hi all,

I'm preparing the next quarterly update for subscribers to my patch sets for the Digitech RP 250/255/350/355 for shipment within a few days.  This update will consist of at least 6 patches, including four patches designed for vocalists, and two new amped blues and rock patches: "Dark Blue Tweed," the latest in my Dark Blue series, and "Have Mercy", a patch based on the Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb amp model with a slapback delay.  Have Mercy has a brighter sound than the Dark Blue series patches.  It's absolutely killer for chromatic harp blues, with a deep 1950s Chicago vib, and it's great for leads that cut right through a dense band sound.  

Current subscribers (including anyone who purchased a patch set license from me within the last year) need only wait for delivery.  Previous subscribers who want to re-up can contact me offlist.  New buyers will get this update with their order, along with the foundational sets that go with every order.  

For more information on my patch sets, see:

Thanks and regards, Richard Hunter

author, "Jazz Harp" 
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